Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My Word Art Creation

Have you ever wondered how people create such amazing quotes? Well, look no further as quotes combined with images are called word art and above is a piece I have created! Both are based on the same topic that deeply connects to the theme.

Did you like the quote above? (Yeah! I absolutely loved it!) Thank you! I chose that quote because it has the power and importance that can inspire people to help others as it is very simple. It’s short and gets you to think “others can reach out to stand against a threat.”

You must like the image as well! I selected it because it’s the test that Malala took before she got shot and the text in the background are other quotes from her and what she learned on her journey. I thought it would make the most sense to make this image because it shows she was fighting for education. The pencil symbolizes the possibilities and creativity as you can write whatever you want and can be educated with it. Malala was inspired from a magic pencil on a show she watched where it could create or erase anything. The grade represents what Malala got on the test and shows she loves school and works hard to achieve her goals. It was the only thing she thought of when she got shot and nothing else. The paper represents school and is displayed as the “canvas” for learning. I chose lined paper because it is the standard, most recognizable form of paper, and so the background wouldn’t be plain white.

The font I used was Arial because it is the default and basic for tests or school assignments. For her name I chose Apple Chancery because it looks like handwriting and I believe Malala is the best in her class, so she has learnt it or can learn it, as she fights for others to learn things like this. I chose to use black for the font colour because it’s simple and yet strong, just like the quote. I used a red colour for the grade, as teachers usually use red pens for marking tests and represents the blood that was shed to fight for education.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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