Sunday, 7 January 2018

Comparing Our Rights And Freedoms

What would happen if all schools were allowed to select the students they accepted and could refuse students that didn’t meet their criteria? This is just one possibility that could occur if we didn’t have rights to it. Malala is very popular now as she spoke out to many media companies and tries to reach out to share her story. She shows her face on camera because she has nothing to hide and her intentions are clear. Education for everyone is her main goal and having the rights enforced to go to school will almost guarantee it coming true.

One of the differences between the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Pakistan (Taliban) is that everyone doesn’t have equal rights and there is no democracy. This is represented when the Taliban takes control of Swat and becomes the top of the hierarchical pyramid, which gives them the power to enforce new rules and punish those who break them. A similarity is that we both have a charter for rights and freedoms that include the same fundamental freedoms. Pakistan does have rights to education but isn't maintained or enforced well. Also due to the Taliban, the government can’t provide much help. Everyone should have the right to education regardless of identity and use their freedom of speech to share new ideas. Malala doesn’t understand why the Taliban takes away rights and question what do they gain from it. She asks, “How could a place where I learned so much and laughed so much be bad?” (Yousafzai and McCormick 36).

Even though we both have a charter for our rights, most of them are not being upheld by their government. Hopefully, this will change in the future and everyone's rights will be fulfilled.

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  1. I really liked how you started and ended the blog post with questions and a quote from the it really got me thinking throughout reading the post as well as after.
    You also included an image of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms which made it very clear that's what you were referring to.
    You did a really good job connecting the charter to what is happening in the area that your book takes place (Taliban) and used specific evidence to support your connections.