Sunday, 14 January 2018

Are You Interested In A Good Read?

Are you interested in a good read? A good book to me has generous amounts of detail and an engaging storyline. It makes you want to keep reading and includes some cliffhangers. Also, the theme of the book can be applied to many situations and is unforgettable.

If you want a good read, I have a book for you! I Am Malala includes all of the above attributes that make a fantastic read. It isn’t based off of a real event, but in fact is one itself that you get to relive, explore, and question. This book should definitely be a pick for any school looking into global issues because it deeply connects to it, while offering more depth, since we live through the journey first hand through the eyes of Malala. On top of that, it is just the right length of book for a novel study, contains a meaningful phrase at the end of every chapter, and in general is easy to understand.

I really enjoyed reading this novel and if anyone is looking for a book, this will be one I recommend. I think it is a bit favoured to slightly slower readers like me because there is a lot of detail put into each chapter that help paint a clearer image. It is easy to visualize and clearly know what is going on throughout the story. Once again, I think this book is outstanding and could be just the book for you.

Thank you for reading my last blog post for I Am Malala!

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