Sunday, 19 March 2017

The House Of The Scorpion And Gattaca Comparison!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Have you ever wondered what clones and GMO's have in common?We all just watched the movie Gattaca in class. There are similarities between the protagonist in both stories. A protagonist is a character who should be making the difficult choices and key decisions and should be experiencing the consequences of those decisions. The protagonist in Gattaca was Vincent, who was almost like Matt. He was not genetically engineered like the rest and fought against all odds to survive, just like Matt. He was also accused of murder because his eyelash was found at the scene. Both of them are not accepted by society and get blamed for almost anything. They also both had someone who gave their life to help them.

So both Matt and Vincent were considered not an equal compared to the group. Matt does everything a human would do and behaves like one. He follows directions and behaves himself but his rights are still less important than others. Vincent's genes don't meet standards of his society, so he was discriminated because of being not genetically modified. He couldn't pursue his dreams, so he impersonated someone else to get in. They both wished to be free from society and do what they want.

I can compare them by their courage and passion for something. Matteo's goal was to escape Opium to find freedom, be a normal human, and not be hated. He had to persevere to reach his goal and faced many obstacles, which were El Patrón and the Keepers. Vincent's goal was to leave Earth and travel to Titan but suffered a lot of pain to impersonate someone else. He had to cut off part of his legs to be the right height. Every day, he had to scrub himself to remove any dry skin or loose hair that would reveal his identity.

Another thing that they have in common is that someone gave their life to help the protagonist. In The House Of The Scorpion, it was Tam Lin and he died because he was stuck at El Patrón's funeral, but he drank the wine so he wouldn't look suspicious. In Gattaca, it was the original Jerome Morrow that burned himself, so there is no evidence of him behind. He did this so Vincent could live his dream.

Overall, these two stories are pretty similar and they have the same message of equality with others.

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  1. Looks like you are really enjoying this project so far, keep up the good work! It is very perceptive of you to compare the two protagonists who risked everything to bring changes in their lives on the way to achieving their dreams.