Thursday, 9 March 2017

Real Life Farm Patrol?!?

Hello, and welcome to my blog. What if there was real life farm patrol? It already exists but they either shoot or arrest you, not turn you into an eejit. Recently, Celia turned to a "coyote" because she is Matt's caregiver and risked her life to make a plan to save him. Matt risked his life running across the border because he had no other choice except to be turned into an eejit or get killed.

This is represented in real life, which means border patrol. Recently in Canada, there was an incident regarding the border and its security. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) union president says our border is like "Swiss cheese" and calls for a patrol force. They believe that the border is too insecure and are trying to protect it.

This is similar to the farm patrol because they both have to keep people from entering the border illegally.  The CBSA say "The federal government needs to create a special force to patrol the vast frontier between Canada and the U.S. because the RCMP is stretched too thin, says the head of the union representing the nation’s border officers."

I think that this will solve the problem regarding the border, but the real problem lies after you've been caught. For example, say I walk across the border and the RCMP catches me. If I say that I'm a refugee, then a hearing will be booked for about 2 weeks from now to see if I actually am a refugee. The problem lies here, because during the time before the hearing they can go wherever they want in Canada and never see them again.

In the end, I think what matters is that everyone is safe and they keep newcomers from crossing. But the president of the Customs and Immigration Union says "A dedicated border patrol force is needed to deal not only with the rise of refugee claimants coming across the border illegally. We also have to look out for drug and weapon smugglers and so-called “port runners” — people who drive through a port of entry without stopping."

I hope this helped anyone who was wondering about the border and its process. So if farm patrol is real, I wonder if eejits will exist as well...

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