Sunday, 5 March 2017

What Influences Matt?

Helloooo and welcome to my blog! Have you ever wondered what determines problem solving? Matt has many worldviews but I’m focusing on the most influential. I think equality with others has the most influence on Matt’s life. Being called an animal, eejit, and much more has impacted his decisions. Matt also wanted to be more than an animal and change his social status due to the inequality he experienced. Everyone else said that clones were just naturally bad and equal to livestock.

Equality with others is the belief about the status of individuals or groups in relation to others. Matt does everything a human would do and behaves like one. Everyone uses common sense, so why are clones hated? People think clones are livestock because they are born from cows and are idiots, but Matt's brain didn’t get destroyed. Here is an example of this inequality from the book. “That’s disgusting. Clones aren’t people,”. “I’ve been stupid. I should have known what he—it—was the minute I saw it.” p-26

My second worldview is relationship between the individual and the group, because it falls along with equality with others. This is influential for Matt if the individual rights are more or less important than the rights of the group. Matt follows directions and behaves himself but his rights are still less important than others. Relationship between the individual and the group is the beliefs about the balance between individual rights and group rights. Matt's rights being a clone isn’t balanced with anyone in the big house, but outside of the border, people think he’s one of them.

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