Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My Thoughts So Far On The First 100 Pages!

My thoughts on the first 100 pages are just what I hoped! I really like how the novel starts right from the beginning of his life and the chapters move along with his age. The author also chose to name the chapters which was helpful since whatever happened in the chapter is slightly summed up there. Overall I would give The House of The Scorpion five stars. 

On page #3, something had me wondering about the cells. The line from the book reads “The cells were frozen over a hundred years ago. They can’t be as healthy as samples taken yesterday.”. This means that El Patron was rich enough to get cloned at around age 36. This is really interesting because El Patron was able to do that then, but Matt is only alive 106 years later.

We have these quizzes after about every 50 pages or so. It sums up some of the information in that part so I have an easier time remembering what happened. This knowledge is useful for talking about the book just like I am right now.
The whole project is going pretty well and I hope new fun things will be available in the future.

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